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gFriend's English Corner

The most fun way to learn or improve your English!

800+ Global English

Learn to speak the global language using the minimal number of words possible!

Sensory Recognition™

gFriend's Sensory Recognition™ teaches you how to speak English using your 6 language learning senses.

Self-Grading Oral Exams™

Our proprietary Self-Grading Oral Exams™ allow you to become your own teacher and grade your own pronunciation.

Interactive Speed Quizzes

Use gFriend's Sensory Recognition™ speed quizzes to learn faster, by training your 6 language learning senses.

HD Video Lessons

Each of our 48 lessons has a high-definition video with your very own virtual teacher to guide you through the lesson with ease.

High Score Leaderboard

You can compete for a high score against your friends, country or even the world!

Mini Lessons

Learn to correctly pronounce hundreds of essential everyday words and phrases, as well as the alphabet, numbers, math, writing and more.

gFriend Kids

We offer over 40 different colorful Kids Quiz Games™ that will keep your children entertained while they learn the Global Language.

All of this included in the purchase of gFriend's English Corner.

gFriend Kids

Kids learn as they play!


House Animals

Try it now!

Parents, it may not be as important that you learn to speak English, but you better make sure your children learn.

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Our Family-Friendly Social Network doesn't allow any hatred or indecent postings.


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Compete against gFriends all over the world and earn your bragging rights!

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Never stop learning. Take gFriend wherever you go.

Serious Apps

Introducing gFriend Kids, 800+ Global English and Self-Grading Oral Exams for iPhone and Android. Our members can now access our learning tools anywhere, anytime, even without an internet connection.

gFriend Apps sold separately at Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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